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Atticus Capital, LLC New York, NY
     Trading and Office Relocation

Benenson Capital Group
     1600 Summer St- Stamford, CT
     210 Livingston Street- Brooklyn, NY
     250 North Orange- Orlando, FL
     630 Rush Street- Chicago, IL
     780 East 132nd Street- Bronx, NY
     Belle Fair Housing Development- Rye Brook, NY
     Belle View Shopping Center- Fairfax, VA
     Cross County Shopping Center- Yonkers, NY
     Oakwood Care Center- Oakdale, NY
     Payton Lane Nursing Facility- Southampton, NY
     Rye Brook Nursing Facility- Rye Brook, NY
     Southbury Hilton- Southbury, CT

Bildner Capital Corp.
     Norwalk Storage Facility- Norwalk, CT
     Broad Street Development Analysis- Stamford, CT

Boardroom Reports
     Office Relocation- Greenwich, CT
     Office Relocation- Stamford, CT

Broadway Housing Communities New York, NY
     Sugar Hill New Museum and Mixed-Use Development